8 must have products in the Freezer | Entourage


When you shift to a new place, it is advisable that you choose to shop for your fridge over finding the perfect location for your router. It is your refrigerator who will play the messiah during your days of hard battle against hunger, giving you all the more reason to answer the call of your refrigerator. Once you manage to satiate the empty fridge in your apartment those midnight snack cravings will no longer be left untended.

When shopping for durable food to be refrigerated, keep in mind their versatile character so that you can prepare them on multiple occasions. This is a fridge checklist for every Homigo when he or she goes food shopping!

This is a must have in any fridge as it is the most basic ingredient for the humble sandwich. As a sandwich can serve as anything from dinner to lunch to midnight snack, a bread has to be the first resident of your new fridge.

This particular food invention has always been present in each stage of your life, no reason why you should give it a miss now. The best munch food for any age group, chocolate remnants have to be there at all time in your fridge if you want to survive this world.

You may not have liked milk in your childhood but it will be a life saving occupant of your fridge for it miraculously will makes your morning coffee the dearest thing in your bachelor life.

Anything tastes better with butter or cheese, be it bread or burnt parathas made by your roommate. Plus cheese cubes go very well with random champagne bottles opened on unexpected occasions.

The most versatile form of protein in you bachelor life is egg. You may skip meat or fish because of their complex cooking procedure but an egg will always keep your tummy happy at any point of the day.

Soft Drinks
As much as they are a party essential, they are also a daily life essential when you return home from a hard day at work and want to give alcohol a miss. This is your best option at kicking back and sipping a cool drink.

Tomato Sauce
Tomato sauce is another miraculous ingredient which has the gift of turning on the sunny side of any dish. Use it with bread, egg or rice, this is a must have for anyone.

Your favourite pickle
We all have that essential food mom packed for us when we left, for me it was my mother’s pickle. When out of energy to cook, this simple little jar of nostalgia in my fridge gives every weird kitchen ensemble my mom’s touch!

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