Controlling crowd in your apartment | Entourage


Socializing when living alone may be a necessity but at times you may wish to seclude yourself on some weekends of the month. However when your party freak friends consider your place as the ultimate venue for party then declaring a weekend in solitude can be a hard information to pass. If you are sharing your place with roommates then there are added responsibilities of making sure your apartment does not get over crowded at the cost of your mental status quo.

The best way to not have unwanted crowd at your place is to inform your roommates of your guest’s expectancy. You don’t want your girlfriend to walk into a room full of shirtless guys in shorts when she comes over for the weekend. Adding the note on the refrigerator should be enough. An even humbler approach will be to ask their permission before you finalize an invitation. You may think this step unnecessary but putting forth a gesture such as this helps in developing a mutual state of understanding and respect.

Chalking out who gets to host a dinner or lunch for his or her friends before the month begins can help in removing a lot of awkwardness and embarrassment. Most importantly, be upfront about how much of social mingling you want to part take in when your roommate’s friends come over.

Living together with roommates means you can’t discourage them from inviting their friends over but you can try to draw a line as to how frequently you would like them to play host. Seeing people sleep on your floor on a Sunday morning is not a very pretty scene.

It’s not easy having guests every weekend, neither is it healthy to spend every weekend alone. While there isn’t any formula for balancing the two, trying a bit of both can bring vagrancy. If all else fails and your roommate turns the music too loud, take a walk!

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