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Enjoying life with new characters

Characters. Cultures. Compatibility.

“All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players…” says the evergreen playwright. What Shakespeare has so eloquently put to words here is his perception of life as a drama with everyday people as its characters. You know that funny thing about characters? They ALL have unique lives and habits and nuances and what not.

Where some people get worked up about habits of their roommates that don’t suit them, others embrace this diversity with open arms. It’s hardly a toss-up between who lives happier but the more important part is what one takes away from the experience. Having roommates or flatmates from a different background milieu can both be a boon or a curse, the task of finding compatibility being difficult. However, assuming the housing provider is Homigo, compatibility is no longer an issue. So go ahead and enjoy that South Indian guy’s candid eating style and the Punjabi’s wild dance moves; it’s all cool.

So now, how to make the most of your experience with a new character?
Sharing a home with them will be enriching for your life all by itself, and insanely fun. However, here are some pointers to get you started.

Make an effort to try and taste each other’s native cuisines, and who knows how much it might agree with your taste buds! There is no possible downside to such an attempt, because who in their right mind ever says no to good food.

Go that extra mile to be a part of your buddy’s native festival. Besides giving them support to celebrate away from home and bonding with them, it will also help you with exposure to an array of traditions and feelings associated with them which will stay with you for all your life.

Chances are that your linguistic capabilities are somewhere in two or maybe three languages, and hence there’s always a lot more to learn. That new language you hear around the house is guaranteed to come in handy at some point in your life, given the cultural diversity in today’s professional spheres. Beyond that, isn’t it just plain fun? That steady beat that seems prevalent under Malayalam, the softness of Bengali and poetic nature of Urdu or Assamese is all fascinating to any interested ear!

Traditional clothing
It’s always good to have options when it comes to your Sunday getup to chill. Your flatmate might thus be able to introduce you to a whole new dimension of clothing that you may not even have known to exist. One never knows what apparels might make their SO go gaga over them!

Beyond these obvious elements, a lot more is to be discovered and felt and cherished! Now go, fire up Google Translate and greet your flatmate in his native tongue to share potentially your first laugh or smile. What does one stay alive for, if not to learn new things?


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