Lights to enhance decor

Setting the mood with lights

Lights in our current lifestyles go beyond creating visibility; they hold the power of setting the mood and ambience. This means a little more time devoted to its planning can ensure you come home to a warm welcoming house at the end of the day.


Our body clock responds and functions according to natural sun light. White strong light is indicative of work hours while warmer or light at dusk is prone to dictate our bodies to slowly slip into a more relaxed state. It is for this reason that offices and corporate houses use strong white light to keep their employees awake. At home, this white is best restricted to living spaces. You should not promote wakefulness inside your bedroom. Lights of warmer temperature are necessary for soothing your body and for ease in sleeping.


Living rooms are relatively more active space which means you may not want strong cold white lights entirely but some inclusion of warm light as well for those evenings of calm movie screening. A floor lamp with decorative motifs serves the dual purpose of décor and lighting. In current modern day apartments, wirings are usually hidden which means you have limited options of light installations and have to make do with the outlets present. For this hindrance you can use dual lighting bulbs available in the market, they may be a little heavy on the pocket but their power efficiency and the fun of seeing your friends awe when you clap to change the colour sure makes it worth the money.


If you are a lover of reading then bed-side lamps will make for a passionate investment for those long nights with a book. Even if there is little or no space for a lamp, you could try placing bulbs with slightly cold hue for your reading. All lighting elements should be covered with shades or simple paper so as to not create glares and have a diffused look.


Lighting your apartment is one of the crucial ways of setting the right mood in your apartment. You need not necessarily spend a ton on planning your lighting setup but a few smart placements and choices of correct colour temperature is sure to make your apartment a cozier place to come back to at the end of the day.


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