Smart refrigerator storage | Entourage


Contrary to general belief that a refrigerator should only house half eaten and raw food, a refrigerator can actually hold many more items to make life easy for you. Storing vegetables and meat in fridge has become a lifestyle compulsion for all and there is little we can do to stray away from it but there are a few more things which can be saved from rotting in your kitchen by simply dumping them in your refrigerator.

The refrigerator is essentially used for reducing humidity levels so as to avoid rotting due to moisture. Occasionally used spices which are taken off the shelf only when a grand feast is being cooked can be stored in a quiet corner of your fridge. Keeping it on a kitchen shelf for prolonged period of time can lead to growth of moss and fungus during monsoons.

Pulses are the quintessential food ingredient who anyone who feels too lazy to cook curries. However there are always times when we forget them at the back of the kitchen cabinet which attracts smalls insects with time. Dumping them on the top shelf of the refrigerator in an airtight container means they are secure for well over 6 months. Same goes for nuts.

Herbs are extremely fragile to moisture exposure and thus storing them for over a week is often not possible. Curry leaves when kept in airtight containers without being washed can be kept for well over 3 months. Just wash it before using them in your cooking. They may look a little darkened but the leaves retain quite a part of their aroma. Same goes for other dry herbs like thyme, rosemary and others. Even coriander leaves with their roots chopped off can be packed in a ziplock pouch.

Lipsticks and nail polish require low temperature for storage, stowing them in the refrigerator is an easy solution to this. Though this may not be possible for shades used daily but lesser used shades can be stored in the cool temperature. But do make sure they are kept in a far corner of the fridge where they may not absorb smell of other items.

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