Eating dinner together

Having dinner together

Living with a roommate means sharing a part of your life, time, and emotions. While you may be sharing life and responsibilities with each other, there will always be times when you do more than your responsibilities as a roommate. It may be simple activities like occasionally doing their laundry or being their wing man at pub; doing more than just dividing the rent together has its perks. While not all roommates share a close bond, some do and often it blossoms into a magnificent friendship and it comes with simple gestures like having dinner together regardless of whether its take-out food or just plain roti sabji.


Doing these common things with your roommate sends out a message of respect and appreciation. Your roommate may not necessarily be your best friend but a certain level of closeness needs to be maintained for your relationship as roommates to flourish. Sharing every meal may not be possible due to different work hours but planning it to do routinely a few days of the week can be plausible.


If in your roommate situation, your roommate dons the hat of the cook then chances are you will eventually stay up late for him or her to wiz up something great in the kitchen regardless of how late dinner is served. While saving yourself from the daunting task of cooking may seem wise to you, but in those hours of waiting for your roommate to return from work, you eventually end up ordering or having snacks which lead to unhealthy consumption of food and a scary calorie count. If you are that ardent to not cook then try having something better than burger, like fruits and juices.


Wait up for him or her out of wish to dine together, not to be dependent on them for cooking. At the end of the day, it is good to have someone to chat with when the day was long and you crave food and companion.


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