Facts to know before shifting with someone | Entourage


Finding a roommate with whom you share optimum level of compatibility is a blessing. Being able to share yet maintain each others space when living together is a crucial part of sharing apartments. If you are privileged enough to be able to pick a roommate then there are certain parameters you need to test to ensure you are compatible for each other.

Living together means drawing a line mid-way both socially and economically. The first and foremost arena that should be sorted is the division of bill payments. If you are too worked up to split each month then lay down policies of rotational payment of bills.

Both of you have equal claim to entertain guests and relatives. The nature of entertainment and the frequency with which each of you would like to invite people should be clearly laid out on the table. You don’t want your friends to come across a glum faced roomie who is not happy at their presence.

Policy of inviting significant other is another field that needs to be discussed. If you or your supposed partner is not comfortable or wants to clear lines when they are there then do make sure both of you comply by it. Being shy or reluctant to tread in to such personal matter can make the difference between you being able to read your Sunday paper in peace and having to share the breakfast table with an unknown person.

We all have our personal set of OCD’s which we carry through our lives. If cleanliness or aversion to loud music is one of them, then make sure you let your roommate know beforehand.

When the discussion comes to pets, opinions should be shared honestly. Firstly, do not judge a person if he or she says they are not fond of pets, there may be several reasons for it, allergies being one of them. Secondly, you wouldn’t want your fluff ball to be around people who don’t like them. Hence it’s best to clarify.

Food is another ground that should be openly discussed before you move in. Vegetarian, eggetarian, vegan or all time meat eaters, it is best to know if you or your roommate will be comfortable with different kind of food on your table in case you fall in the different categories.

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