Staycation hacks

A staycation for times without time or money


There are times when we don’t have the luxury of time or money to spend on a vacation away from home. But that does not mean you deny yourself a short time away from the maddening crowd. You can do it at your city itself if not in another town or country. There is nothing more mesmerising and refreshing like a Staycation when money is low and paid leaves are nil.


A Staycation is themed around the idea of a vacation of relaxation in your city itself. Do it alone or with a partner, Staycations will revive and rejuvenate you. However, to ensure you enjoy yourself the most, the best way is to kick back your work and its ancillary stress and put your holiday mood on.


The best way to enjoy your vacation in town is to book yourself a lavish hotel room. Since you are not travelling to another city or town, a part of your expenses will be saved. So treat yourself to a sunny room with puffy pillows. If a hotel is out of your budget then be sure to clean your apartment before you start your vacation to put yourself in the right mood. Change where you sleep. Sleep in the guest room or a tent in your living room. For all its worth, convince yourself you are doing something different.


Try on a different lifestyle when on your Staycation. Wake up early or sleep late, keep your phone off the grid or mute your phone notifications. You can also try telling your friends you will be away for the weekend.


A Staycation is a vacation at home that means you can be lazy and relaxed. Despite the laziness, try exploring new parts of the city by trying a different type of cuisine or restaurant. Explore local markets in various parts if you are away from your home town.


In between the explorations, find time for yourself with steaming cups of coffee and a book or catching up on your pending list of movies to watch!


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