Low cost party tricks

Low cash party diets

Month ends are a tough time to live through. It is only during this period that the value of money becomes dearer to you as you can no longer go for more than one round of drinks with friends. The capitalist arrow of multiplexes strikes you hard during this narrow time. However there is no reason why you should shut yourself indoor from the cruel money-asking world, for there still exists certain joys in life which are away from the clutches of the capitalist world.


You and your friends possibly share money strapped situations together so they are possibly looking for easy escapes of eat outs. An easy solution is inviting them over for a cookout on your apartment terrace. Get the permission from the authorities and get the raw materials. You will be surprised at how cheaper and fun the dinner becomes.


Every city hosts its set of free events at various locations. Find out the local museums and art galleries which have free entries. It will introduce you to the local culture and artists of theatre and art. It might eventually change the way you spend your free time in the city.


You can also use this time to explore your hobbies and interests by meeting people with similar inklings on Meetup groups. It will be an easy way to find like-minded people.


If you are hosting a crowd funded party then to turn the fun a notch higher, by asking each person to bring their favourite board games. Winning or losing in the Game of Life at a time of money endearment will make it sarcastically funny. If you and your friends are not into board games then the simplest way will be to host a Netflix party where everyone watches a single series. Deciding what to watch however may take some time.


India has breathtaking villages scattered around every city. Take some time off conventional entertainment venues and explore nature in a new place. Finding a place to live might be a tad bit difficult but you can turn it into a camping trip with a rented tent and the twinkling clear blue sky at night.


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