Lifestyle of a minimalist

Going down the minimalist’s lane

Millennial lifestyles differ from person to person and has become subjective. Given that most urban millennials have a certain income at their disposition, despite the options available to them; an increasing number of millennials are choosing to shrug off non-necessities to embrace a simpler lifestyle. If you are living alone then adopting changes will be easier, so here are a few tips for you to start on your minimalist journey.


One of the basic philosophies behind minimalist living is being able to cut down on the excess. If you have fifteen pairs of shoes, chances are, you only wear seven of them. Cut down on your choices so that you keep the bare minimum and the one you like the most. Deciding one brand of shampoo amongst four others while standing before your bathroom cabinet on a Monday morning can get time consuming.


Decluttering your home should not just be centered around Diwali. Apart from materialistic possessions, decluttering your contacts will also help. Cut down on your Facebook and Instagram following. When your feed gets bombarded with selfies and dinner updates, you miss out on your favourite dog video. Don’t cut down on the things you love and enjoy. Give time for yourself and your interest, social lives of others can be rested.


Simple living, high thinking may be your motto as you set on your journey to minimalist living but that does not mean you trash away your sources of thinking and inspiration. Minimalist living doesn’t entail you to adjunct yourself from all worldly luxuries. Spend selectively. Being a millennial, an internet pack may not be counted as luxury but the option of choosing to travel in public transport against cabs when you have time to space should be given second thoughts.


Minimalist living at the end of the day is downsizing useless possessions and increasing your storage of experiences which bring a deeper smile on your face and not just the satisfaction owning. Invest on your happiness and not social statutes.


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