Drying clothes during monsoon

Monsoon clothes drying hacks

The monsoon clouds are gathering fast in the sky and so does our dilemma of drying clothes during the porous season. The smiling sun may be a rare sight during this season but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to give crispy dried clothes a miss. The musty coldness of the season makes us crave for sun dried clothes even more. The washing machine may dry your clothes to a great extent yet drying them away from the sun would mean increased risks of moulds. These tiny laundry hindrances may seem unavoidable, you can however be better prepared with your musty clothes with these few handy tips.


You cannot solve all your problems in a day; likewise you should not attempt to do your laundry in one day during monsoons. For people who do not exactly enjoy laundry time, monsoons are the perfect excuse to get out of doing them. Prioritize your laundry in order of their importance. Not doing underwear for the entire season can be a hard call but you can skip the white party tee you wore last night.


Planning beforehand is crucial to doing laundry during monsoons. Unlike the summer season when you can dump them in the washing machine and just forget, monsoons mean you will have to put them out in the sun for as long as possible for complete drying. This requires you to run to the balcony with arm full of clothes at every glimmer of sunshine. So keep some time for yourself while you do this mundane yet necessary task.


Not every piece of cloth needs to be washed at all times. The first item to add to this list during monsoons is bed sheets and bed covers. These thick covers can take a long number of days to dry out when done during monsoons. Even if you do manage to dry them without the sun, the musty smells persist. Hence the best advice is to forget your bed linen during monsoons and just concentrate on garments of regular use and easy to try textiles.


If all else fails and you still land up with half dried clothes during the rainy season, turn on the humble table fan against the window and hang your shirt with a hanger there. This easy trick will make your shirt nice and dry by the time dawn breaks in!


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