Guidelines for borrowing clothes

The treaty of borrowing clothes

When you start living with a roommate, you share more than just rent and responsibilities, you often end up sharing clothes too. Sharing clothes demands a certain level of established friendliness which is sometimes present or absent amongst roommates. If present then you are that lucky person who gets to share another person’s wardrobe resting each other’s scarce clothes dilemma. While borrowing and sharing clothes with your roomies might be done in good zest, there are few fine lines you need to follow to ensure your relationship remains in good terms instead of ending in rough waters over a borrowed dresses or tie.


The basic rule of borrowing is to ask. No matter the haste in which you are leaving or the insignificant object you are borrowing, make sure you ask in advance or let him or her know that you have borrowed it. Even a simple text makes the deal.


Often in our craze to fit into a certain pair of jeans or dress, we lie. You may have a 32 waist but your roommate’s new stone washed faded jeans of size 30 didn’t stop you from wearing them out. The result was an overtly expanded jeans and the dim probability of you never being allowed to wear them. Be upfront about your size.


No one is immune to accidental stains or tears so when it does happen, be responsible enough to accept it and point it out when returning. If you are the one lending then it’s best to not lend clothes you are sentimentally attached to, like your mom’s saree or the first tie you bought with your money.


Maintain strict return policies regardless of which end of the borrowing you are in. Ensure that you dry clean and return the borrowed clothes even if you have worn it for just an hour. It is basic courtesy to do so no matter how close you are to your roommate.


You cannot always be on the receiving end of the borrowing deal. So make sure you have a balanced give and take policy. If you borrow your roommate’s metal t-shirts for your weekend dates then be sure to lend him your collection of formals when he needs it.


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