Realizing the lost and found formula | Entourage


Stress is omnipresent in the current century and its weird how most sources of stress correlate to our lack of controlling the situation. Losing one or more of our personal or daily items of use can cause a perpetual breakdown for a lot of people. Be it misplaced car keys or untraceable specs. Not being able to find them right before you leave the house can get ominous for your nerves, so here are a few steps to follow when you displace things in the heat of the moment.

A heated mind resulting in anxiety rarely provides you the calmness required to mentally retrace your time with the lost object. So take a few deep breaths and pour a glass of water. You may be in hurry but it is best to tell people in advance that you may need a few more minutes.

Slowing down your racing mind is crucial for you. Despite initial instincts of pondering about what will happen if you do not find your work file; try to locate common places where you are likely to place it. Imagining your boss’s reaction when you tell him you lost a file will make your mind and body more tensed, instead, block out his face altogether.

Before you run around the house praying to god for the magical appearance of your wallet, mentally pull together a list of possible resting places for it like your bed stand, the coffee table, your car?

Try to focus on your last recollection of the object, was it on the dining table or the book shelf? Recollection can help you to retrace your path across the house or office and give you a better chance of finding it.

We often swipe our eyes across the room and think we have surveyed it in entirety. It is beneficial to do your search slowly and steadily instead of looking in the same place thrice. Try to ask people who were around the object from your last recollection of it. At times they might have taken it as precautionary measure when you forgot.

We all misplace or lose things, but, for every lost item there is a find formula. Calmness, patience, recollection are just some of the elements.

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