Choosing your home wear

Choosing your home wear

Deciding what to wear before stepping outside the apartment is a big task we all perform with dread. An equally important task is to decide what you wear indoors in the safe confines of your home. As much as you may proclaim your freedom to wear anything you want, the equation changes depending on who you live or share your apartment with. If you live alone even then you may have to forcefully attire yourself to suit the taste of the people coming over.


Entertaining guests for the evening means you will have to slip into something more formal than shorts but not your work clothes. Changing from your faded or shredded Beatles t-shirt to a shirt which still has its colour palette intact is very important. But then again your choice depends on your relationship and closeness to the people you will be entertaining. There is little reason to dress up for a sleepover with your best friend, but when an aunt comes over for the night you have to compromise.


While people give little thought over what people wear to bed, our sleep clothes play a role in the quality of our sleep. There should be little or no dictation when it comes to what you wear to bed. Cotton and no bra is the most recommended garment recipe for bed, however, dodging any form of clothing is also an option as long as you are comfortable with without it.


If you are living with a partner, your clothes indoor could well be equated with the mood both of you feel. While laid back clothes makes for being free with each other enjoying each other’s company; when the moment comes, don’t feel shy to indulge yourself in putting some effort in your bedroom dress as it helps to set the mood.


Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to choosing clothes for indoor wearing. Be it a pair of cotton pyjamas or a faded shirt which has become too fragile for the washing machine. These clothes seem to know every cell of your body and your body invites them with open arms after long hours bounded by ties and bras. These clothes spread the feeling of home.


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