Vegetarian confessions

Confessions of a vegetarian hanging out with non-vegerarians

Having a plethora of friends means your group of friends with common interest shrinks. While an area of intersection is easier to establish in terms of music, movies and your favourite series, it is harder to do so in terms of food habits. Here is a cumulative effort to jot down thoughts of a vegetarian hanging out with non-vegetarian friends.


Ordering food at the restaurant
Every time a menu card gets shoved into your hands for ordering first amidst ten other people, it feels like everyone wants to get over with vegetarian part. Apparently choosing an item from a green marked column takes a long time when you are in a restaurant specializing on beef steaks.

Guilt feelings
Every vegetarian goes through feelings of guilt when the person accompanying them meekly smiles and goes for vegetarian items on the menu just to make sure you don’t feel left out. It would be so much easier if this person just ordered what he wanted and pack the rest in case he could not finish all the pieces of the chicken curry. When you make special provisions for vegetarians at house parties, it doesn’t give me a sense of privilege when you pull out the corn fritters from a different cabinet in your kitchen amidst the roasted kebabs on the table top.

When the starters arrive everyone taking their share from your paneer tikka despite having individual starters each can be a tip off. Just because you can’t share food from their plate doesn’t mean they take advantage of their omnivorous food habits.

It would be so much better if you had meat
Constant reminders of how eat outs would be easier if only you had chicken or egg at the least, mentally makes vegetarians put such people on their list of people to not go out with.

Reason for vegetarianism
As much as people want to know why you stopped eating meat or fish, respect any reason given. When a person says he or she is doing it for religious factors does not mean that person is more astute on carrying on vegetarianism than a person who did it out of sheer non-preference for meats.

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