Travel gifts

Gift buying during international travels

Our travels, be if for pleasure or work, takes us to different corners of the world whereby we see and experience different people and culture. We all strive to bring back our favourite memory of these travels in the form of souvenirs and gifts. Being an Indian, we also have the added task of making sure the memory is kept alive on our neighbours and relatives drawing rooms and showcases.


Shopping gifts while on your international travels can get confusing and hectic. You may want to get those wonderful sweaters for all your 10 cousins but let’s face it, neither do you have that much dough to spend, nor do you have enough space in your already bulging suitcase. Getting those sweaters can mean you buy fewer goodies for yourself. Here is a mental checklist to follow before you set out on your gift buying frenzy.


The foremost step is to decide how much you are willing to spend on gifts. Even though fridge magnets and key chains may not look very expensive, relentless purchase might mean you have shelled up quite a sum.


Prioritize and categorize the people you are going to buy gifts for. You can spend on a pashmina for your mother but it is best to stick to magnets or key chains for people at work.


People often get confused as to what to get in the form of souvenirs. Purchasing a Benetton t-shirt for your brother or sister doesn’t qualify as a gift even if it looked pretty and you got it super cheap. When travelling afar, it is best to stick to traditional elements which spell the essence of the country or place you are visiting. Traditional dresses or artifacts works great and are something people cherish for their entire life.


Bulk buying for the second and third category of people on your priority list works well. But when it comes to close people like parents, siblings and partners, look for something more personalized. Key chains with names engraved do the magic for both categories if you are low on budget.


Airport gift shop buy outs may save you time but you miss out on the great opportunity to explore traditional markets of your place of visit. Seek out locals and ask them the best places to shop for traditional gifts.


Most importantly, keep yourself above everyone else on the list. Pamper yourself with a local garment or a bottle of local liquor for your nights at home when you go over your travel pictures.


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