Hard to clean spaces

Hard to clean home spaces

Home cleaning is one of the most tedious task which lazy bones dread and cleanliness freaks love. If you fall in the second category then chances are you toss and turn in your bed at night because the next door neighbour left a coffee ring on the table and your body was too tired to wipe it clean but you mind keeps chanting the possibility of that ring staying on your table till infinity. While a coffee ring may be easy to remove, for clean freaks there are some far reaching corners which human hands refuse to reach. Here we have a list of hard spaces to clean in the house. If you have an easy solution for cleaning them, then do emanate the knowledge to the closest clean freak, it may bring some solace to their disturbed souls.


A squeaky clean apartment collects dust over time despite dedicated efforts to not allow them a resting place. One such resting place for grouts is the tiny film of space between floor tiles. No matter how sharp or strong your vacuum is, dirt refuses to give up.


Back side of cupboards is where colonies of dust particles reside forming dollops of themselves. If you care little for the backside then you can live in ignorant bliss. But it can be a bothersome spot for people who live life by the other set of principles.


Most houses these days have sliding panels which come with their troublesome frames which refuse to get cleaned. You may try vacuuming but those fine particles in the finer crevices are hard to get.


Pet toys are often ignored as washable articles. They contain the best breeding grounds for growth of everything unwanted. The amalgamation of saliva, dust, fur, sand etc makes them stinky pieces of articles to have in your house. While it may be hard to separate Frido from his favourite soft toy, it is a hard decision you have to make to ensure his health and you domestic hygiene sustains.


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