Monsoon Fashion

Monsoon fashion in India

Monsoons in India arrive with their own rules which demand you to change your lifestyle during their three month long presence in the weather. Their ensued changes start from what you eat, to how you travel, to what you wear. It is safe to say that monsoons in India have the potential to make you ditch your car and fall prey to the garrulous auto rickshaw driver’s fare demands. With their absolute control over your food habits and mode of transportation, monsoons are naturally gifted the control of what you wear during monsoons.


With increasing number of localities in metropolitan cities turning into Venice during monsoons, you are left with little choice of footwear. The last thing you want to do is walk into your office with wet shoes signaling your arrival every time they come in contact with a tiled floor. To avoid this, search your shoe rack and bring out the designated monsoon sandals. For monsoons those pair of sandals can save your other season shoes from untimely demise.


For reasons unknown, people unseeingly embrace grey clothes to colour match with the grey clouds in the sky but monsoons can be the best season to flaunt your neon’s but in limited and controlled quantity. The uncanny nature of monsoons mean you could be caught in a shower without an umbrella, for such cases it is best to skip cottons as they take longer to dry.


Your everyday bag grows in size in monsoons as you have to accommodate more than just your regular contents. With an umbrella you are also expected to a carry a plastic bag to ensure stray raindrops from your umbrella don’t disturb fellow passengers in a bus or auto rickshaws. The increased space in your bag also works miracles to carry home the hot samosas and jalebis you pick up from the road side shop.


Monsoons at the end of the day are meant for accidental splashes on the road and reaching your destination minus drenched clothes. The safest way to avoid it is to carry an extra shirt or top.


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