Lazy weekend plans with housemates

Unwinding at the end of the day in the solace of your house is often done in accompaniment of your roommate. While most of us do it while grumbling or gossiping about work or common friends, we often forget that our roommates too need our attention much like any other relationship in life. So take some time off and plan a weekend in solace with your housemate. The best part about spending a weekend with your housemate is not dressing up or going out to meet. You may just walk out of your room and meet him or her in the common space.

Binge watching together on the sofa with little care of the world outside helps you wind up in more ways than one. The comfort of favourite seating around the entertainment centre ensures everyone relaxes in the castle.

Remember the take out menu of the new Mexican restaurant you didn’t order because your hunger was high and you did not want to test unknown waters? A weekend at home with your housemate is the perfect reason to try out new food in your jammies.

If you are the activity driven type of housemate then go on a mini trek to a nearby place. The best part of having a housemate on a trek is you get to share your silence together in complete understanding. In case one of you fall short of love for adrenaline when it comes to outdoor activity, make sure you respect their wishes.

Cookouts can be fun when you do it with someone close like a housemate. Bring out the recipe book lying in dust or the saved tempting easy to do nutella brownie video on facebook. Splurge and pamper yourselves in the motion of doing nothing during the weekend yet relaxing and enjoying.

The idea is to unwind over Netflix or pizza with a person you share your rent with.

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