Simple home shifting tips

Avoidable home shifting mistakes

Relocating to a new city or across the city is in itself a mammoth task whose time is squeezed out after long days at work, between delayed conferences and anytime in between. Despite all the efforts, there are always rookie corners we forget to look into leading to loss of time and money and increased frustration and self loath when you can’t find your favourite blanket for your first night in the new apartment. Here are a few common avoidable mistakes people make when making the move. We bring you a list so that you don’t repeat them.

If you plan to do the Herculean task of shifting all by yourself, chances are you never compared your cost with that of a professional mover. Not getting estimates is one of the major mistake people make while shifting. Even blindly entrusting your belongings to a mover without asking for an estimate is also one of a risky step.

Amidst the commotion of making sure your favourite glass vase and microwave doesn’t get scratched, chances are you forgot about your pet and the fact that just putting him or her in the car along with your family will solve the problem. Make sure you get your pet checked at the vet before the move. Pack in on motion sickness medicines, their papers and their favourite treats and toys to keep them entertained.

It’s only when we make an attempt at cleaning our belongings that we realise the mass scale of useless belongings we keep dumping in our homes. One of the major mistakes of shifting is not trashing enough. If it’s a new life you want to start over in a new place, then it is best to leave behind your sentimental pieces of belongings going beyond ten years.

The act of shifting does not end the moment you land up in your new place with all your belongings. It does not end unless you get to sip your favourite sitting on your comfy sofa in your blue bathrobe. One you have got your staples in places, it is best to buy the rest in slow progression. You need not buy it all on the first month of your shift. You may buy the shiny pink wet wiper for your floor and never use it because the transition from the bathroom to the front door on a Monday morning is a time constraining act.

So take it slow. It a new place with new people and culture, enjoy it as the experience unravels.

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