Grocery shopping hacks

Grocery shopping money savers

Buying groceries regularly is probably one of the tardiest job all of us are forced to do regardless of their tedious nature. While most of us make up our shopping while standing near  the vegetable aisle, very few do the task methodically. It has been seen that a trip to your grocery store without a shopping list in hand often equates to spending more than necessary on grocery. While food is the last place you would want to cut corners, here are a few simple tips to ensure you buy smart when it comes to your groceries.

Ditching your departmental store for the daily hawker selling veggies in your colony is probably a smarter idea than you can imagine. You even get the privilege of bargain and to top it all, the veggies are fresh minus the flashy shine of departmental store veggies which sit pretty through the day.

Our smartphones can do much more than just fancy apps to make life easy. Maintaining a grocery list on your phone lets you share it with other members of the household so that no two members come home with two slabs of butter for breakfast tomorrow. Simple apps like Evernote allow you to share it thus allowing everyone to voice their opinion on the cereal pick.

Planning yours meals ahead had multiple ripple effects live saving money, time and also your health. When your plan your meals a week ahead it ensures you will no longer have to stand with a blank face at the kitchen counter. It also you to ensure a balanced diet as you will now have command over not repeating chicken on two consecutive days.

Analyzing your stocks makes all the difference between another kilo of onion and letting the previous ones rot. There are certain items that needs to be attended to only once a month while more perishable ones require to be weekly replenished.

Avoiding packaged food is probably the smartest way to ensure you do not spend more on food preserved with chemicals. Rather make a decision to buy your corn fresh from a vendor. May not live that long in your refrigerator but is sure to make you live longer.

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