Being your own saviour

Living alone in a city has its own perks and irks. It comes with self realizations and lessons we would have otherwise not been learnt while living under the safe umbrella of parents. One of the crucial life lessons we often learn is to survive alone. While you may have a plethora of friends and colleagues to help you survive in a city alone, there are always times when you will find yourself alone. And the biggest downside of our upbringing is that we are often not told how to live alone.

The entire discourse of living and creating families is what most boys and girls grow up listening to. Almost every aspect of our actions is to live up to that ideal of creating and growing a family, but contemporary trends dictate that millennials move away from their home town to create a life of their own. But we are rarely taught how to survive alone. Which is why, we end up making anxious depressed calls at odd hours to parents.

Independence rests not just in terms of economy but socially too. You should never feel the compulsion to be in company at all times to enjoy yourself. Being able to entertain yourself without depending on another being goes a long way in ensuring you are not lonely when alone. Be it reading a book or venturing a restaurant alone, you should forever hold the courage to do it alone.

While human tendency dictates that we seek a partner when alone it should be kept in mind that while it may be important to find one, depending on one’s priorities, not every time we spend with someone need to be an investment for a love relationship. It might just be some good time spent in good company.

Being one’s own rudder is probably the best way to survive being alone.

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