Hacks of mastering forced socialization

Every once in awhile we are forced to go out and socialize with people we would prefer to avoid on our free time. However, maintaining diplomacy of relationships is often required to make sure you have a smooth sailing at work and family gatherings. It may mean keeping up with annoying aunts at wedding or office colleagues who won’t stop talking about work pressure while sitting in a bar but the little tolerance you express for such boring company helps you in the long run. We all go through such self imposed socialization but there are few smart hacks to ensure you don’t spend most of your time entertaining unwanted company rather do it effectively.

We come across wide range of characters in our lives but not all of them require our attention. You may classify some as work people, rock concert buddies and some meant for your weekly cookouts at home. Being able to compartmentalize people goes a long way in helping you to spend quality time as well as widen your horizon of interests. However, we always come across a few people or friends who are versatile enough to join you in all your compartments.

Spending time efficiently with people you don’t favour much is an excellent way of ensuring time flies fast without having to offend them. Involve yourself in casual activities like serving food or engaging in short conversations with a few. Sulking in a corner of the room rarely helps, rather when you have talked with a few people, you can easily walk out of a boring party sooner for you have made your presence counted.

Avoiding participation in gatherings of unwanted people is often used as a shield for many to get away from poker nights since you don’t know poker but dropping by a few of them  can actually help you to keep up your relationships. You are at full liberty to turn them down; however not doing so at times also helps you come across characters of different hues. Restrict them to once or twice a month if you please but never opt out of an acquaintances party because you would not know anyone.

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