Being supportive of your roommate’s wild makeover ideas

Every once in awhile we come across feeling of not making our lives adventurous enough. Thoughts of living a grinding uneventful life haunts us and it is during such times that we feel the need to do something wild something, something unlike us. In case you have not been enlightened with such thoughts, chances are your roommate has been. You may not vehemently oppose them but there are other ways of supporting his or her and making them decide clearly before they decide on something too drastic. Here are a few things they may opt for and areas for you to question you as a roommate can ask to filter their thoughts before they take the seat on the tattoo artist’s table.

Changing our hair colour in an attempt to highlight or streak our personality is one of those drastic thoughts that cross all our minds in some phase of our lives. Chances are it may cross your roommate’s minds after recovering from a bad breakup. If he or she is definite he wants to do it, there is little you can do to sway their mind. But you can help them to select the colour by helping them choose a brown colour over magenta streaks. The best part of a hair colour is its temporary nature and he or she will feel fewer regret when they wake up from their stupor.

Piercings are another often approached optio for the daredevils willing to compromise their corporate jobs, nevertheless as a roommate your duty is to ensure it happens in the less exposed areas of his or her body and that the ring or stud sees little sunlight when parents come over.

If your flatmate decides on getting his or herself inked your first job will be make him or her understand the seriousness of a permanency of a tattoo. If they are of the mind to get their partner named inked, you as a human being living under the same roof, must raise caution.

While the ultimate decision rests with them, ensure you try your best to be supportive even if they wish to slump on the couch on weekend.

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