Lazy hacks for organizing apartment

We all scourge for that extra space in our apartments for items we may or may not need but are too hung up on it to throw away. Be it an old dress or a cute cookie jar, they all have their spaces in apartments resulting in little space for the things you will need immediately, like scissors, needles and others. As much as you may want them to be at your beck and call, you can never find them under the deluge of all the extra things you have stuffed in your apartment. The solution is to organize and store things better so that you find your socks in their right place without having to compromise with the old teddy sweater you refuse to throw away.

Hangers are one of those crucial organizers we do not pay the respect it deserves. If you are blessed with a hanging rod in your cupboard, no reason why you should devoid it of hangers. Hang your daily wear bras in one hanger and you will be surprised at how fast you decide which one to wear. It also frees a part of your underwear wardrobe.

If you love cooking, chances are you buy cooking utensils on your spare time. Be it a hello kitty ladle or a new egg beater, all of them need space amidst your spices and cutlery so arrange them in jam jars and see them add a new look to your kitchen.

Designating spots in your home goes a long way in keeping it clean. Be it a spot for throwing worn clothes or a spot for dumping miscellaneous objects. It can be anything from an empty chair to a glass bowl for change, keys, medicine or cards. If you can assign these spots away from the public eye, visitors will never know your lazy hacks of organizing.

Pegs in the right corners of your apartment goes a long way in ensuring you get to declutter your items. Everything starting from dog leash to your headphones can breathe easier when you have pegs to hang them.

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