Life without mom in a new city

For all those souls staying away from home for work or studies, there are moments when you enjoy your independence and others when you miss your family, especially your mom. Though her part in our lives mostly goes undervalued and unnoticed, it only when we are in a different city do we realize her importance. No matter how exciting or boring our lives are, we still miss our moms. Be it waking up on time or sewing a lose button, moms make lives easier.

You may have found smarter substitutes of conventional cooking but they never really add up to the taste or feel of mom’s cooking. Even instant noodles taste better when your mom makes it with vegetables and tokens of egg and chicken unlike the sloppy mass you create in your microwave.

When your immunity system fails you and you are quietly sniffing away alone in bed, those are the times when mom’s presence are greatly missed. Every mother treats her sick child royally no matter how many times a day she may stop you from doing the things you love. The stew, the constant questions of if you are feeling better and the comfort on demand food supply adds up to comfort.

Mothers have are the ultimate problem solver when it comes to deciding what to wear. Be it choosing from a series of dress or giving you a shirt to wear to a party instead of your regular work clothes, they have the talent to do it all. While most of us may prefer to decide our outfits ourselves, trying out each ensemble before your mother, to get an honest feedback is what all of us do. Her absence in your new city only makes things more confusing before a party.

Being in the presence of mom is what keeps our cleaning-genes activated. Do ever recall having the guts to stack soiled dishes on the sink when living with your mom? Well now you do it in your new found independence and it only results in you never having a clean dish before eating.

Moms are the ultimate fixer-upper in our lives which is why they should never be let go. So call your mom after a long day, she will be more than willing to listen to all the office gossip.

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