Is empathy burnout affecting you?

Burnout or the state of having run out of physical or mental energy to participate in any activity has become a common phenomenon in lives of millennial as they strive to overwork to crash the glass ceiling in both work and life. Burnout leads to loss of interest in doing anything in life, even that which you may usually find interesting may feel like a lost cause. While there are various forms of burnouts which people face, empathy burnout is one of them. Empathy burnout or the loss of energy to express empathy is an increasing occurrence often seen in professionals like policemen, fire fighters, doctors and others, whereby they no longer possess the empathy to show in front of another fellow human being. While this may hold true to their professional life where they have to deal with death and trauma on a daily basis, the emotion of showcasing it diminishes with time.

Empathy burnout however, is not just restricted to the above mentioned professions only; it can creep into our personal lives too. The worst form in which it formulates is when we lose empathy towards a person we are close to. Be it your roommate, best friend or parents suffering from empty nest syndrome and dissatisfaction at work. When minute details of a relationship progressing towards a breakup are shared, we tend to lose the empathy over a period of time.

The best way of overcoming empathy burnout is to accept that you are facing such a crisis. Acknowledgement is the first step towards curing it. You do not want to live without emotions; emotions are what make us humans. You can approach therapy as they are the most efficient way of overcoming empathy burnout.

Empathy burnouts often happens due to strong traumatic experiences where we feel the need to shut out an episode, be it loss of someone close or a hard breakup; they all have a way of affecting our show of emotion towards others even if we don’t realize it. When faced with such a situation, try to get a closure before you shut down a chapter, it helps us all breathe a little easy.

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