Planning a birthday party for your roommate

We have all come across episodes in life where we throw parties in honour of others. Be it a birthday party or a farewell party, we do it happily or grudgingly. While throwing a party may seem like a simple job of timely coordination and planning; when you are attempting to do it for a roommate, there are few more.

If you are close to your roommate chances are you will achieve the goal of a surprise party with balloon and birthday cake of the right colour and taste. If however you are not close, you need not feel embarrassed to approach his or her and ask what kind of party they would like. It may not be as enthralling as thirty people jumping out of the dark to say ‘Happy Birthday’ but it will still be a party of sorts which will be in tune with what your roommate wants or likes.

Not all of us like big birthday bashes on the special day of the year, some of us like to keep it quiet with few close friends. If you are planning to throw a party for your roommate, make sure you check the people they want to have in the party. You wouldn’t want them to fake smile on this special day of the year. Most importantly respect their choice of a party even if it includes his or her’s two best friends only.

A birthday party may not be a big task to handle single handedly but it surely requires the initiator to include others. If you plan on throwing a party for your roommate, it is best to include his or her friends too as they may also be of the mind to do the same. The more people you include, easier becomes the cost distribution.

Gifts are customary actions which can always be skipped if you share a special bond with your roommate and your understanding goes beyond materialistic sharing.

At the end of the day, the idea is to give him or her a special time off the rush of life.

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