A guide to snacking right

A fast life with little time for regular meals has resulted in snacks creeping in almost everyone’s lifestyle. People have now started dropping heavy meals for take away snacks to fill themselves. Our choice of snacks is increasingly deciding the quality of our health. Be it a salad or a burger, how we snack is deciding our lifestyle and our future. Even if we manage to snack on the right time and in regular intervals, it holds the potential to replace our daily meals. Whatever or whenever you do it, there are some serious decisions you need to take when it comes to snacking. Here is a quick guideline to ensure you snack healthily.

Asking people to keep fruits as part of their snacks has become an old saying. Yet the rule stays true as it is preferable to have a whole apple as snack to a cupcake. Apart from the sugar and carbohydrate intake when you decide on a cupcake, you end up denying yourself a dose of antioxidants when you bypass the fruit stall to reach the bakery.

A choice between soda and water when eating can make a huge difference to your diet and health each time you sit down for a meal or snack. The bad sugar present in carbonated drinks always has an adverse effect on all your attempts to diet. Even bottle or carton fruit juices are best avoided despite their no added sugar claims.

Planning your meals ahead before you start the week ensures you have a healthier mix of food as snacks. It can also efficiently keep you away from ordering food randomly. An added advantage to planning ahead is you can also reward yourself for the week long good snacking with a burger or donut at times.
When you snack is as important as what you snack. Generally our body craves food in patterns. If you feel hungry at midnight after dinner every day, it calls for a heavy dinner and strong willpower to not do midnight snacking. If you plan your snacks smartly you can even replace heavy meals.

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