Struggles of a left hander

All over the world, through the centuries, left handed people have suffered for their preference of which hand to use for daily tasks. While history has attacked them, they have withstood the test of time but their struggle still exists in the 21st century despite political figures and known facing being left-handed themselves. While most left handed people adjust to items of daily use and have managed to wire themselves to objects created for right handed people. Their struggle is real and here is a list of few things they struggle with every day.

Spiral bound note books are a new age creation which wholly disregard a left-handed person. While writing on one side of the notebook is doable doing it on the other side of the page is a hard task with the spirals obstructing, yet left handed people manage it.

Scissors are another biased item which has shown complete disregard for left-handed people. Despite all the evolution in types of scissors, scissors for left-handers are found in very few places.

The shirts of a button are a complete disorientation for left-handed people as they are on the opposite side of the shirt for them. It is funny how even Presidents like Barack Obama struggle with it.

Sitting down at individual desks are always harassment as the support ledge of the desk is always on the right side to aid a right handed person. Imagine writing exams for hours at a stretch where the hand you write with is not supported. Although this is more of a childhood terror the body aches do last long.

Swiping a card at the tiny machine is also biased for a right handed person as the swiping ridge is on the right side of the machine. For those where you can insert the card, there is some relief.

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