Kitchen Utensil Starter pack guideline

After shifting to a new place, getting the right equipment’s to start life in a new city can make a big difference. While it may be tedious to go shopping for regular items, doing it for your kitchen is a big task as you don’t want to be stuck with a small pan when cooking for five people. The struggle is real when you are setting up anew which is why a few basics need to be followed when shopping for kitchen cutlery and utensils. Here is a quick guideline for you to follow when you hit the stores.

Multi-purpose containers are a saviour when it comes to stacking your pulses and spices and everything that comes in the wide umbrella of a kitchen. Try getting containers in sets of six with at least two variations in sizes to maintain uniformity on your racks.

If there are certain two-in-one tools, make sure you grab them at the earliest. If the back end of a spoon doubles up to be a pizza cutter it saves you space and reduces the possibility of losing them. If you can find a kitchen version of a Swiss knife, then it is a great deal.

Cooking habits are changing as we move away from oven top cooking to microwave cooking. This means, you have to ensure your microwave utensils are top notch and do not compromise with your health. You can start by getting two basic microwave bowl, large and small, shell a little extra for an original Borosil. It is also advisable to buy cooking pans which have induction base.

When shopping for kitchen utensils for the first time, it is best to stick to the basics. Buy one frying cum boiling pan, a set of six or four dinner plates depending on your size of family or flatmates, getting basic cutlery and a healthy amount of spoon, forks and ladles. While you may not have enough time to looks for a Hello Kitty embossed, ladle, a basic wooden one works great as a starter pack.

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