Planning a weekend getaway

Getting away from our daily lives often becomes necessary to give our body and mind rest from the stress of daily life. Not only does it rejuvenate our spirits and energy levels, it allows us some time to step away from life and reflect. A weekend getaway stolen from our monthly schedule is a sure way of doing it. However, not all of us have the liberty to do it, which is why it is important to meticulously plan the getaway so as to optimise the travel and yet not get tired for the impending Monday morning. Here is a short list of things to keep in mind when planning your weekend getaway.

The destination of a weekend getaway should be judiciously decided as you would not like to spend a two day weekend travelling to a far flung place. Ideally, anything between 300-600 Kms is acceptable given your tenacity to travel and how you travel.

Choosing a companion for your getaway is just as important as deciding the destination. If you are lucky enough to fall back on a partner or a best friend to join you on your getaway then, great, else you can always plan the trip alone if it is lone time you crave for. However, a fun weekend with your close buddies is also a welcome change despite the tedious planning needed to make it successful.

Packing smartly for a weekend getaway is a crucial thing. As much as you would like to wear your latest buys on your tiny vacation, there is a number to how many you can wear, thus pack clothes wisely and practically if you intend to do some nature exploration.

Where you stay and how you stay can add a different flavor to your getaway. If it’s a well rested weekend in a different place you are looking for then best to book a cushy room in a hotel. However, if its change in air you want then try alternate lodges.

Leaving your work behind is an important part of a weekend getaway. There is no point in receiving and answering work calls and emails during the weekend. It is advisable to leave behind your laptop for you to get a complete weekend away from work.

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