Starting on a new habit

All of us intend to do better and get better in life and the surest way of doing that is by inculcating good habits. No matter how old school it may seem, good habits play a role in our daily behaviour. Be it running daily, brushing twice a day or making your breakfast daily, these tiny things add up to speak heaps about our lives and how we control it. If it is fitness you are seeking in your sedentary lifestyle, then planning it slowly and having patience is one of the small steps you must follow. Here is a quick list of things to keep in mind when starting on a new habit.

Before you start out on a new habit it is always advisable to do your fair share of research. It if is a physical activity you intend to include in your daily life, best to do quantified research of finding the best place to run, the time of the day and to collaborate it with your schedule.

Finding time to invest on your habit will ensure its sustainability. Be it shaving off time to run after work or waking a little early to make your breakfast and lunch for work. The added activity will require a time slot to be cleared in your 24 hour schedule. Ear-making a certain span of time automatically places an alarm in your brain.

Any lifestyle expert will advise you to start out slow. If it is running you are trying to inculcate then it is essential that you start slow by taking small steps. Sticking to your routine is another serious step when trying a new habit. Its best to hold an optimal level of patience and persistence to ensure you follow through your habit and end up making it a part of your schedule.

If you do slip in following your new routine, make sure you get back on the horse as soon as possible without procrastinating much. At the end of the day, the best stimulant to make sure your body and mind adopt to a new habit is by rewarding yourself. Allow yourself a cheesy burger on a Sunday if you have managed to run all five days of the week as planned.

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