Hosting parties in small apartments

The year is coming to an end and the season of parties has just started. Regardless of whether or not you are a party person, we all like to be close to the people we love and cherish, this festive season. And the best way to keep all our favourite people under one roof is to throw a party cum dinner for them. For most of us, space constraints in our apartment stops us from inviting over the people we love. While it is a genuine problem, a few smart arrangements in the apartment can ensure you get to share the cherry with your favourite people this merry season.

A party in a small apartment might lead to less leg room for the guests but you can ensure your guests merrily dine together at one table even if you have a table for two in your shoe-box apartment. Combine few low tables to create an even space for people to sit on the floor. Make sure the floor is sufficiently blanketed to avoid the cold hard floor and yet allow your guests to get snugly and comfy while having dinner.

Denoting an entertainment area to your guests is important for you to ensure they embarrassingly don’t scramble around looking for space to sit. You can create a common sitting area as suggested above and ensure all the action takes place there.

When hosting parties in a small apartment, you have the liberty of getting creative with food and drink stations. You can set up starter or salad stations atop medium sized cabinets or windowsills. The only thing you will need is a magical table cloth.

Moving around furniture is the best way to create space. Get rid of chairs and tools in the apartment to make space for a solo sitting area on the floor. Throw in a comfy rug and blanket and your friends will never notice the absence of furniture.

At the end of the day, all of us like to huddle together in winter nights no matter the size of the apartment.

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