Preparing for winter before winter

Winter is here and with that has come the slight nip in the air which tells your body and mind that it is time to bring forth your body warmers and big sleeved sweaters. Winters are a great season to enjoy depending on how prepared you are to face them. While you may call purchasing woollies the ideal way, there are a few smaller steps you should take for you and your family to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the chill.

Every season requires special attention to your skin. Winters are a difficult time for those with dry skin which is why they need to prep before the chill sets in. Stock on moisturisers and cleansers adequately to ensure your skin does not suffer. Even those with oily skin need moisturising to ensure their healthy glow is maintained. However, no matter how lazy you feel or how cold the tap water is, make sure you cleanse your face after a day out.

Winters give us respite from the Sun but winters are never fun without the Sun. Always maintain the thumb rule of sun bathing your woollies before you wear them for the winter. This kills any bacteria that may have thrived on them when you nicely stowed them away to the back of the cupboard last year.

One of the simple pleasures of winters is socks. Those tiny items of clothing go a long way in ensuring you are warm and cosy in your shoes during winter. Along with moisturisers, socks are another important item you should get fresh stock of before winter enters the air. You can also make smart fashion statements with socks by letting them peak from your boots or shoes once in awhile.

Winters are a time to kiss your pretty sandals a goodbye and gift them some rest after a hard summer. This is the best time to bring out your boots and to give your feet some comfort during wintery months.

And the best part of winter is the warm hug of your sweatshirts and the fact that you don’t really have to wear a clean shirt underneath.
Happy winters!

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