Keeping your head straight during Sale season

The month of January often means new sale season if you are a person who centres their retail shopping around sales, this is the time when you finally gaze through your promotion folder in Gmail. Those bright red posters, placards and ads with tempting offers of ‘Flat 60% 0ff’ in the physical and virtual world play to our heart strings and justifies any purchases we make for we know that it would be a sin to let go of Adidas shoes at 60% off. We understand that it can be hard to keep your head straight during sale season which is why here are few hacks to ensure you get to buy the things you want without losing yourself amid too much noise.

During sale season you will be bombarded with advertisements every single second you breathe. Often you may come across website and shops with lubricious offers and tend to get swayed by them but it is best to stick to your staple and tested shopping places unless it is something outstanding you have never seen in your staples. Do not get distracted by alert mails.

All of us tend to dump items on our wish list and forget about them altogether till we finally check out some items. Sales offer a good time to review those items and see if there is a price drop. If those items have been sitting ducks for a long time then chances are they are out of stock but you can always check before you go crazy under the Sales tab.  

As easy as it is to get distracted during sale season you should always try to buy what is needed and not end up buying sweaters with pug faces just because they look cute. You are very well aware those sweaters will never see daylight. However, the retail sale season is a great time to stock on birthday and anniversary gifts.

Sale seasons come with the curse of restricted size availability so no matter how tempting a dress may look it is best to stick to your own size instead of promising yourself you will become thin to fit into the S- sized dress when you hit ‘Buy Now’, we all know how that story ends.

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