Selecting a bed sheet

A bed is where our comfort lies after a long day at work but, more important than the mattress or size of your bed it is the bed sheet where the real comfort lies. Although a highly underestimated item in the bed linen selection area, a bed sheet holds more value than complementing the curtains and colours in your bedroom. A bed sheet is where your skin comes in contact with your bed which is why they play a major role in your sleep quality. Here are a few guidelines to help you select your bed sheet; although options are aplenty hopefully these pointers will help you to narrow down to a few.

Thread count is increasingly becoming a parameter to assess the quality of bed sheets. Thread count is the number of threads in a square inch area of the bed sheet, ideally the higher the count, the better, but then it all comes down to your personal preferences. Bed sheets in the range of 350-450 are considered ideal.

The fabric of the bed sheet is where absolute discretion of the person using them lies on. While cotton is regarded as the most comfortable fabric for it sweat absorbing and breathability features. The breathability of the fabric is what makes it perfect for summers. If you like your skin to feel luxury then satin may be your call as the silky smoothness of the fabric often makes it a favourite.

The weave of the bed sheet is another contributing factor when it comes to deciding on bed sheets. If you like softer weaves then it is advisable that you opt for finer weaving with higher thread counts. Some of us prefer to have a slight stiffness to the weave which is where handloom weaves come in.

How nicely your bed sheets hugs your mattress should also be considered when deciding. The size of your bed sheet ensures it does not snag in the middle of the night and that you don’t have to tuck it freshly at the end of every week.

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