Pros and cons of living alone

Living alone in a new city away from parents is a dream every one harbours. Despite the romanticism of the concept, living alone comes with its pros and cons, independence and loneliness being just few of them.

When living alone there are no compromises or adjustments you are forced to make. You live at your own free will. With no one to answer or consider you can walk into your apartment any time, including the power to switch on the bedroom lights any time without waking up people.

If you are a person who doesn’t like to be around too many people or any form of noise then you can be assured that the extra money you pay for living alone will buy you disturbance free time. There will be no one to play loud music when you are trying to concentrate on a presentation for tomorrow.

Bathrooms are personal spaces which are not shared with all. Living alone means you can stash your wet towels in the bathroom without being questioned. It also gives you access at any point of the day without having to bang on the door helplessly during bladder emergencies.

Like most things in life there are two sides of the coin to living alone, with all the freedom to do what you wish, when you wish, comes the shackle of coming back to an empty apartment with to no one to talk to. This can be especially hard for people who love to talk.

Having a roommate at times also provides sufficient entertainment at home if you are the sort who doesn’t like to socialize much. Seeing them make a fool of themselves after happy hours spent in a pub provides enough amusement, sometimes better than the internet.

A big irk of living alone is not having anyone to split bills with. Be it just dinner or electricity. A roommate often becomes a go to person for times when you run out of money or when you simply fall sick.

Whether or not you live alone or with a roommate, it eventually comes down to your nature and the company you prefer.

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