Packing for a quick weekend getaway

Everyone once in awhile we crave for quick getaways, either after a tiring weekend or before starting on a project demented to have tedious hours or just for being bored. Whatever may be the reason, getaways are often the food cravings we have in the middle of the day but barely satiate. Much like food cravings, when your body wants a break in a different surrounding, which is why, it is good to cave-in sometimes. Quick getaways true to their nature are quickly planned with few precursors hence packing in an hour before your friend starts honking in the driveway is a true task.

Before you start throwing in half your wardrobe in the suitcase, it is best to count the number of outfits you will be requiring as per outings. If it is a tourist place you are planning on, it is advisable to carry one set of party wears to ensure you don’t end up in khaki shorts in a fancy restaurant.

Depending on the type of activity you are planning to do, plan your attire in advance. If it is hiking then don’t forget your track pants. If it’s near water definitely do not forget your swim wear unless you intend to go skinny dipping in an undiscovered pool.

Toiletries are one of those tiny details you don’t want to skip to avoid bad breath on a Sunday morning. Toothpastes, toothbrushes are of prime importance. If you tend to forget to pack them last minute, try to have a go-to toiletries bag which may not have your night cream but will surely have your teeth brushing kit, an emergency napkin and a tiny bottle of deo.

It is always advisable to keep a set of fresh laundered shawl, socks and a single bed sheet for unplanned outings. When you head out on Friday you will not have to worry much about packing everything because these prep will ensure you have your essentials sorted if not your accessories.

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