Rules to break on weekends

Weekends are a time when you fling away your shoes and let your hair down. Regardless of what you do during weekdays there are certain things you should never do during weekends, work being one of them. Weekends are a time to catch up on back logs, starting from cooking to plumbing to doing your laundry to completing your presentation due on Monday. While getting your life ordered is a fine job to do, following are the rules you are supposed to break on weekends.

Waking up on time

Alarms are an entity that need to be eliminated from your life during weekends. Unless you are the adventurous type who looks forwards to each weekend to explore a city further, you can dismiss the alarm on your phone. Waking up on time is one rule you should never follow on weekends. Let your body catch up on missed snooze hours.

Having breakfast

As important as breakfast are for your weekdays, they can always be skipped on weekends. Follow the golden rule of brunching on weekends to get the best side of both lunch and breakfast. If you are too tired or lazy to step out of your apartment then just combine pizza with waffles and voila, you have made the best brunch for weekends.

Checking mail

Anything related to work is best skipped during weekends. Working on weekends means you are breaking the pious rule of weekends. Even checking your work mail counts as works no matter the number of exclamatory marks present in the subject of the email.

Making bed

True pioneers of lazy weekends never leave their bed, let alone make bed. So a crumpled bed whenever looked at invites you to its embrace, forever reminding you that going out for dinner can wait. If you have a partner to share the bed with, it gets even better as you can both enjoy the weekends propped on your pillows thereby maintaining the sanctity of weekends.

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