Time saving meals for one

Cooking daily can be a hard job especially when you have very little time to do it. Regardless of whether or not you have an aptitude for cooking, we all have days when our mind simply refuses to infuse our body with enough energy to peel vegetables. It happens even to the best of us. There is little you can do to avoid such days but you can try to dilute the suffering by opting for one pot meals or a central item supported with other food items. Here is a list of no-breather meals for days when cooking comes across as a repulsive task.

Kichidi or lentil rice is a one pot job and has salvaged many a souls living in hostels, cities and abroad. Kichidi require little cooking skills save boiling. You just add in the spices and stir it in with vegetables and let the pressure cooker do its magic. It is a heavy meal and can fill you up for long hours.  

Soup is another under estimated item when it comes to filling yourself with minimal cooking. You can just throw in your favourite veggies and meat with few spices. Accompany the soup with bread and butter and you will have a healthy yet filling meal ready for you in less than 15 minutes.

Instant noodles live up to their name when hunger levels are high but energy levels have plummeted below activity. Though easy to cook they are best combined with vegetables and meat to make them heavy and filling.

Smoothies too can be wholesome and filling. Simply throw in your favourite fruits and mix it with milk and sugar to get a tasty and healthy meal for yourself. Banana smoothies in particular tend to be rich and filling but are best avoided for dinners.

Apart from saving on cooking time you can also try cutting your vegetable in advance and storing them in zip-locks to be used during the week.

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