Efficient reminders in our lives

When life gets chugging we often have to juggle multiple balls in the air. Our memory is put to test on how well we remember deadlines, presentations and also what to get from the supermarket. Remembering everything becomes a big task unless you are gifted with a great memory. For the rest of us, reminders in various forms are what keep the gears in our life oiled and running without glitches. From alarms to apps to a roommate who will not give up unless you open your eyes and pay the newspaper man each month, they all add up to tiny reminders in your life. Here is a list of efficient reminders we all have in our lives.

Sticky notes have always been the queen of reminders. Be it a yellow one stuck on your laptop screen or a pink one stuck to your lunch box reminding you not to get tempted by the take-away menu stuck to the soft board, sticky notes cover it all. Tiny notes stuck on refrigerators are also efficient means of communications in case you and your roommate have different work timings. If you like to get high on stationary then sticky notes and note pads are a good investment as they have a significant outcome.

Ever since smartphones started encroaching in our lives, reminders on papers have seen a dip. Apps like Evernote, Google Keep have all come up with digital versions of sticky notes which work since we spend a considerable amount of our day gazing at our phone screens.

No matter how many secondary aids we may find to jig our memories, human reminders are almost irreplaceable. A call from your mom reminding you it is your cousin’s birthday today is what makes you sail through the year. Similarly if you live with a roommate chances are, he or she has become a part of your reminder system. So cherish them as well as your memory aids to help you to remember to pay rent on time or for doing something as simple as giving your dog a bath.

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