How to deodorize your refrigerator?

A refrigerator is an important appliance in our lives as it is the refrigerator that provides us a cool blast of air as we contemplate about our lives and what to eat for dinner. It also ensures the extra take away food we order never goes to waste. While this appliance requires little or no care, there are a few areas where it needs absolute attention. You would never want your biriyani to smell like the mutton keema it was placed beside in the fridge which is a why there are a few hacks to de-odorize your fridge so that it preserves more and stinks less.

Herbs placed in a fridge act like natural deodorizers. A bunch of coriander leaves or rosemary work wonderfully. Although you may want to avoid oregano as it has a strong smell capable of eclipsing and replacing the aroma of other food items placed together in a closed space. You may love the waft of oregano you get every time you open your fridge but it sucks away the smell of other food items.

A bread slice is a neutral piece of food item you can casually throw in your fridge. It is sure to absorb the remnant noxious odor of the rotten tomato you had in your fridge for over a week. It does not necessarily have to be an entire bread slice but discarded hard brown sides too work well.

Orange peels are another natural deordorizer that leave behind a citrus smell in your fridge while absorbing other bad smells. In a similar manner, coffee beans, vanilla extract and lime too work well. Lime works great for your microwaves too. Put it in a bowl with water and run it for three minutes. It will prevent mixing of smell from your previously cooked dish.

Whatever is your choice of weapon to deodorize your fridge, always remember that cleaning it firsthand should be your first step.


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