Up-cycling your old newspapers

Newspapers are a common object found in most houses and they slowly grow in heaps in a corner unless cleared out. While burning them may be an environmentally hazardous yet easy option, there are other alternatives available. You can store them like most mothers and housewives in India waiting for a catastrophe to happen when old newspapers will come to the rescue of the planet. No matter what your purpose for storing newspapers may be, we all look for ways of discarding them or putting them to better use. Here are a few ways in which you can put your newspaper to use after you have scanned it during breakfast with coffee.

Domestic emergencies are one of the prime purposes for newspapers not getting trashed. Spilled water, broken glass, drying boiled noodles and others are some of the wet emergencies. But then again let us face the fact that these are a rare phenomenon which by no means will consume the 900 pages of newspaper which land at your doorstep through the month. So selling it becomes the next best option.

When you have an apartment over flowing with old newspapers, a raddi-wala becomes the most sought after person in your life, sometimes even more than the pizza delivery guy. When you do manage to get hold of one, clear out most of the stacks but do keep a few for domestic emergencies. The money you get may not be a lot but should be enough for ice cream for both.

A creative way of getting rid of your old newspaper would be recycling it to create recycled paper. It may be a long process but it is a good de-stressing option for the weekend with your roommate. Google a few YouTube videos and you might just land up with a basket of rolled old newspaper to keep your earrings.

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