Cleaning hacks for pet owners

Owning a pet is a pleasure and a task at the same time. While there is no end to the amount of love you like to shower on Tommy after a hard day at work, cleaning your home when you live with a furry friend during weekends becomes quite a task. No matter how hard you scrubbed or vacuumed every corner your cat or dog decided to sit on, you will always find stray fur in your cereal next morning. While this can be a real turn off given all the hard work you put into cleaning, there are few hard to clean spaces which we all miss. Read on to find cleaning hacks you need to know as a pet owner.

Pets leave an aura of their odor, while it may not bother you or those who genuinely love dogs, it may be irksome for guests. Try using baking soda as dry shampoo on fur to absorb the smell; it also has the dual purpose of discouraging ticks from settling on their fur. Simple incense sticks also do the trick while making your house smell good.

When using a broom or vacuum cleaner be sure to get to the gaps between the wall and the sofa as well as spaces under furniture. Those nasty furs pile up in greater piles there adding to the already present dust.

When you vacuum do not forget to do the same for Timmy’s dog bed and his toys. He may not like this act of infringement of privacy but it is a must in your attempts to keep your home cleaner.

If it is shedding season it is advisable that you double the frequency of your house cleaning. At the end of the day your pets will shed the same amount, but these few steps help to keep the fur off your guests. The best policy to cut down on this cleaning effort is to cut down on people who don’t like your pets!

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