Sharing cosmetics with your roommate

When living with a roommate you end up sharing a lot of things starting from life to clothes to money. The bond of sharing generally gets stronger with time unless one of your loses or breaks another’s lent stuff thereby breaking the sanctity of the bond. While increased sharing between roommates is a sign of a healthy relationship, there are however, certain items best not shared between roommates. Cosmetics is one such area which is best not shared but then again you can’t really say no to your roommate when she asks for your favorite red lipstick for her date night. Here are a few tips on sharing cosmetics with your roommate.

When using cosmetics, there is always a question of hygiene involved which means you may want to refrain from sharing your blusher if she suffers from skin problems.  Eye products such as eye liners and mascara are particularly prone to carrying infections as they tend to come in close contact with fluids in your eyes and also the fact that there is one applicator. Lipsticks on the other hand are a safer option when it comes to sharing cosmetics.

If you are extremely close to your roommate both of you may have a common cabinet with all your cosmetics pooled in, which a sign of a strong relationship and great understanding. However, if you are not that open to sharing your products, you can subtly mention that in the beginning itself. You can always add that she is free to borrow it any time she wants.

If you are uncomfortable with her using your product without consent then do let her know. It is best to inform than to torment yourself wondering how your foundation got over in a month. Draw your lines when needed. If there is a particular perfume you do not wish to share, you can either mention it or just store it in your room cabinet.

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