Daily life fears of an adult

Living alone as an adult, free from parental supervision is a breath of fresh air but with that air comes musty fragments of fears we all have as adults living alone. Be it having to plan and order every single morsel of food we take or not having anyone to review our outfits so that a sock or bra may not be dangling from our shirt, these are some of those minuscule fears of everyday adult life featured in all our lives.

Not having to paying bills is a luxury we all release too late in life. When those white envelopes are slid under the door, fear one, is to read the horrid numbers and to wonder why your grades never increase with time like the electricity bill, the other fear is to remember if you have paid the bills or has the due date already crossed.

Maintaining stocks while running a house is not an easy task and you realize your callousness every time you end up in the bathroom with an empty toilet paper roll. Doubting your responsible side is another nimble fear we feel every time we wonder if we got all the items from the store.

Remember those golden days when you could just open your fridge and your favorite food items would be there sitting idle waiting for you to finish them? Well those days never occur in adult life because it is now you who has to stock up. For those who never really bother to stock, hunger after a booze party becomes their new friend.

Balancing your work and social life becomes a real task when fears of performing at work while not answering your best friend’s always clusters your mind. You are also aware of the wrath you are to receive when you call her back a day later or in the worst case, a week later out of fear of being estranged.

Cooking is a bliss but fear of over cooking or burning food is a fear that mars the bliss repeatedly even if it something as menial as leaving your bread in the toaster for too long. Appliances such as microwaves, grinders and toasters which create a wall between us and our food during the cooking process, increase the anxiety factor.

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