Dividing your reading time

Reading time is hard to come by even for those who can’t live without reading. People who read are not necessarily books worms  but people who like to be up to date with the world. Availability of publications online has increased the volume of reading material but the time to read them constant. You are only granted 24 hours a day to catch up on world news, know what your Prime Minister tweeted as well as give your mind some break by feasting on some fiction. The sheer availability of news and reading materials at hand makes it difficult to balance the little reading time we have, which is why dividing that time becomes crucial.

The physical act of reading by holding a book made of paper is becoming a rare thing to do with electronic book readers. However, you still need to scavenge time to read books which is why times of solitude are best times for reading books. Before bed or during a long commute are idea snippets of time for you to concentrate on books.

Online publications have increasingly become part of our daily reading materials thanks to social media where everyone shares what they read. With the right set of friends and people to follow on social media, you can amass good editorials and articles of your interest sometimes leading to too many book marked pages in your phone or laptop. Online articles make for great reads in busy places be it waiting at the dentist or during your lunch break in the cafeteria when you want to avoid office gossip.

Magazines are rare to be found physically unless you have ardently read them all your life. They make for casual to serious reading depending on your interests and is the best instrument to know what is happening in your field of interest be it geology or knitting. They make for good reads on weekends while sipping lemonade on your deck.

Remember how your parents always forced you to read the newspaper early in the morning? Well they weren’t wrong and neither are you as you consume news through notifications on your phone. However, it is best to glance through your news app as you sit down to have breakfast.

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