Things to replace in your apartment periodically

Our apartments and homes play host to bacteria and germs, which is why they need to replaced periodically. The breeding grounds are generally located in things of regular use thereby increasing risks of spreading infections through contact. Here is a small list of items that need to be replaced at regular intervals.

Sponges and kitchen rags remain moist for most of the day making them ideal places for bacterial growth. Though it may take time for them to actually be the cause of diseases, it is best to replace them every six months, including your scrub pads. Try to keep them dry when not in use and occasionally clean them so that you can use them for long.

Curtains serve more purpose than just beautiful decor or sun shade. They are the first filter for the air entering your house or apartment. It fills them with both harmful and harmless germs and bacteria. Apart from washing them and replacing them in gaps of four weeks, try vacuuming them every week to ensure you breathe clean air.

Duvets and pillows collect our dead cells every day. While we generally change their covers, pillows are often devoid of sunlight making them unhygienic items of use.

Non-stick cookwares are produced with enamel layers that tend to erode with use. Ideally, heavy scrubbing and use of sharp ladles can create scratches which increase the rate of erosion. If it is over two years old it is best to replace them to avoid having chipped metal pieces in your meals.

Chopping boards are another item that need to be replaced in intervals but are not done so enough. If you are using a wooden chopping board, then you should take better precaution as they their natural oils tend to harbor more unwanted bacteria on their surface compared to plastic one. On both wooden and fiber based chopping boards, knives create crevices which are often unwashed making them breeding grounds.

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