Throwing a Holi party at home

Holi or the festival of colors is one of those events in a year you never stop celebrating no matter which part of the country you live in. If lazy friends who refuse to take the initiative to organize a party at home surround you, you can organize one yourself with the right steps to make sure you and your friends have a gala time chasing each other with colors.

When throwing a Holi party, space is of utmost importance, you don’t want your tiny apartment walls to be splattered with colors as an after party gift. Make sure you have a terrace or lane to play with colors. Seek prior permissions so that there are no interruptions to dampen your Holi spirit. You can also make it a no liquid color party by specifying it to your guests beforehand.

Simply throwing colors on each other gets a little boring after a point. Try organizing fun Holi games like ‘I have never ever’ with a twist of colors where the odd one is sprayed with colors.

Holi parties are generally a day affair so keep the decor simple with string curtains of reflecting glasses to add to the fun. You can also reuse you party accessories from your New Year parties like colored wigs, funny glasses and whistles.

Your guests are bound to be super hungry after all the energy they spend on running around throwing colors. You can keep them hydrated through cold drinks, beer or traditional bhang. Snacks are must. If you can incorporate street food in your snacks, it will earn you cookie points as a host.

A Holi party is defined by its music. So ask your friends and guests to pool in on the playlist so that everyone gets their share of groovy music. Bring out your old and new Bollywood favorites and see your guests dance like never before.

Since it is a Holi party, guests are bound to use your washroom before heading home so make sure you are equipped with a new soap, shampoo and towels especially for the party so that they do not get mixed with your favorite shower gel.

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